Putting down the brass @ Cluny

What better way to spend a rainy Saturday than in a recording studio with friends. Elliott, Emma & Gary of 3G Brass came in to put some swinging brass parts onto two tracks – “Dinner Party” & “Meet my Family”. Tony Davis then added a bit of keyboard verve and Celia not only sang the songs but also Andrews’ Sister harmonies. Colin sat in the corner and passed judgement. It must have been okay ‘cos he actually smiled!


A fantastic day with Tony Davis at Cluny Studios doing vocals and overdubs on the Celia Bryce Band “Nashville” album. As well as Celia showing off her vocal range we had Chris Ormston on Northumbrian Pipes and Ben Hudson putting down whistle and bodhran on "Who'll bring me flowers" - an anthemic border ballad written by the band . The album is beginning to take shape although there’s still a lot of work to do. We are back in on Monday with Eddie Harris for more vocals & percussion with occasional accordion licks

First day back in the Studio

It was great to be back with Tony Davis in a socially distancing Cluny Studio to start recording vocals and overdubs on the new album. Good that the Cluny is palatial as it allowed us plenty of room. Playing with Nashville musicians is a tad intimidating. "We've got to up our game" says Tony as an aside just before Celia steps up to the mike for a first try. No pressure then! We got lead vocals and double tracking down on three, additional guitar on one and de-plagiarised the begining of another. All in all a good days work. Next stop this Saturday when, as well as more vocals, we will have Chris Ormston playing Northumbrian pipes and Ben Hudson on bodhran It's begining to take shape

Recording the new album

The original plan of recording the new album with our friend Thomm Jutz in Nashville was COVID-shelved and we are now in the process of remote recording. So here's how the process goes 1. Demos over to Nashville and email discussions on how to adapt. 2. Guide vocals and acoustic guitar with a click track sent over 3. Thomm arranges and produces the rhythm tracks and sends them back. 4. We go into the Cluny Studios with Tony Davis and lay down vocals & keyboards, 5. We add backing vocals and handclaps [must not forget the handclaps]. 6. We some more instruments - accordion, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, bodhran 7. We get some brass arrangements & record thos 8. We bring in Chris Ormston to play

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