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Recording the new album

The original plan of recording the new album with our friend Thomm Jutz in Nashville was COVID-shelved and we are now in the process of remote recording.

So here's how the process goes

1. Demos over to Nashville and email discussions on how to adapt.

2. Guide vocals and acoustic guitar with a click track sent over

3. Thomm arranges and produces the rhythm tracks and sends them back.

4. We go into the Cluny Studios with Tony Davis and lay down vocals & keyboards,

5. We add backing vocals and handclaps [must not forget the handclaps].

6. We some more instruments - accordion, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, bodhran

7. We get some brass arrangements & record thos

8. We bring in Chris Ormston to play pipes [no rock album is complete these days without some bagpipes!]

9. This is all then sent back to Nashville for banjo, fiddle, dobro and more backing vocals.

10. After that Thomm mixes and shares the mixes for agreement

11. They get sent out to a mastering suite in, we think, New Jersey

12. They sprikle fairy dust on it.

13. We produce the CDs

Then comes the two hardest parts -

The first is selling the album

The second is the band learning to play the songs as well as these Nashville Cats do!

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