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Who'll Bring me Flowers

We have created another lyric video from the "Here Before" album . The soing, "Who'll Bring me Flowers" initially started life with a tune in 4/4 and an idea for lyric about women left behind when men of Northumberland went off to war.

Celia then re-imagined the song in 6/8 and we had to alter the tune appropriately! Loving the sound of Northumbrian pipes, we always envisaged their use] taking the main theme. In this recording the theme is played by Chris Ormston [who played Nothumbrian Pipes on Pete Gabriel's "Us" album] on pipes and Ben Hudson [from Lowp who have played at Glastonbury!] on whistle with Celia weaving an accordion harmony in there.

We love the mix of electric and traditional instruments. Hope you enjoy both the song and the video



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