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Big in Dalbeattie

Feeling like an ancient rock star today. Arrived home at 2am, unloaded the car, then up for work at 7.30. Mick Jagger doesn't have to do this any more!

What a great night at the Dalbeattie Folk & Acoustic Music Club. After we'd finally evicted the Rotarians from the upstairs room at the King's Arms the night got under way with an excellent opening slots from Billy Henderson and the MC Colin & his wife. Despite some sound gremlins we managed pretty well and Mike & the fiddle were on fire.

Here's what the club had to say........................."What an amazing night. I must admit, I didn't know what to expect, but WOW, down to earth people with great self-penned songs & tunes, beautiful harmonies & musicianship. They'll definitely be back. Good points --- worth far more as what they charged".

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