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Finalist in Song Of The Year

'Workers' Song' - from the Celia Bryce Band album 'Links' was runner-up in the UK Country Radio 2014 Song of the year awards. Here is what one of the Country Radio DJs said about the album.

Reviews for 'Links'

The Celia Bryce Band's "Links" is a lovely, evocative song-set of unusual emotional eloquence. Beautifully sung. Beautifully played. Beautifully beautiful. - Peter Cooper, Nashville producer and singer/songwriter & co-host [Bob Harris] of BBC CMA 2013 coverage

Finally, the long awaited Celia Bryce band album has arrived. "I have been a fan of Celia's singing for many years and so I'm very happy to hear her new music on "Links". It's a beautiful collection of songs performed skillfully and with heart!" - Al Perkins [Flying Burrito Bros, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton]

It’s a beautiful thing congratulations. The production and performance levels are A1. Celia has a restrained power in her performance, reminiscent of Karen Carpenter in her power, I don’t know anyone who has quite that relaxed depth to their voice at the moment. – Rob Ellen, Music Promote

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