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A Brilliant Review for "Here Before"

A Wonderful Review on BandCamp Diaries

For those of you who don't want to click, here it is

The Celia Bryce Band presents: Here Before. February 2021 - The Celia Bryce Band is a project with a truly diverse sound. The group recently released an album titled “Here Before,” which highlights their wide creative ranger. The band’s songs explore genres as diverse as jazz, funk, rock, pop, and other styles, going for a truly fun and catchy vibe. The opening track, “Meet my family,” features a sound that reminds me of 70s funk and even 60s Motown records, love the first taste of the excellent musicianship of these talented performers. The second song, “Healing Wind,” features an electric blues influence, which offers a timeless feel. “Hours” is a soft-spoken ballad, which highlights the band’s most gentle and mellow side. Celia has a fantastic voice, which is so soothing and dynamic, and this song highlights her incredible dynamic ranger. “Nome” is a rocking number, with some killer guitar riffs and a nice rhythm section that highlights the power of this release. “Gonna Climb” is yet another example of the mastery behind the making of this record, highlighting the incredible prowess of these musicians, who definitely manage to achieve a very undeniable blend of chemistry. “Peacemaker” is a deeper dive in the band’s folkier sound. I love the banjo parts and the beautiful fiddles, which really bring a classic feel to the mix. The song has a nice storytelling quality to it, as you immediately get transported into the beautiful narrative. “Lost” is another fantastic ballad with a soft folk-y touch. The guitar work is absolutely gorgeous and I love the sound of the drums in this track, especially that jingly sound that accompanies the snare. The next track, “Here Before” is another gem, and it stands out for the beautiful harmonic interactions between the instruments and vocal parts. “Slaughterhouse Man” is another example of Celia’s penchant for great musical storytelling, and so is “Calling the Shots,” one of the most unique songs on the record. “Like a Hurricane” has a nice mid-tempo feel, with an amazing drum sound and some great vocals. Last, but not least, “Who’ll Bring me Flowers,” is a soothing track that starts with a drone and a sparse, yet expressive guitar melody, accompanying Celia’s vocals.

Find out more about The Celia Bryce Band and do not miss out on “Here Before,” which is now available on Bandcamp.


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